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Will you take me to her?

Will you take me to her, He asked the plane. The plane stayed quiet Coz it knew that she doesn't want him The clouds bowed their head And cried their heart out. But then the sun shone And said "there... Continue Reading →

Set on fire

Snow and the lamp... Oh she looks beautiful All lit up and wrapped around him Dancing to the music of the wind But she can set him on fire too He lights her up And she melts him a bit... Continue Reading →

..a million times over…

She had been long gone. When he met her, he was pulled to her. He knew that they may not have years together, they may not even have days together. Who was he kidding - he knew the hours were... Continue Reading →

Dancing with Her

She danced with him, Like wind on water- She took the lead, Taking him along. She was gentle, Her touch as light as a feather, As she danced with him. Flirting with the moves, Barely touching the skin. And he... Continue Reading →

When you left

...and I stood there bereft, I closed the door and I didn't see you walk away Forever holding you close I had some more glasses of wine that week And then stopped before I could not I looked at the... Continue Reading →

As I walk into nothing

This misty morning, I walk into nothing, Just vast mist ahead. No I am not scared, For I know that you await. I'll be safe in your arms, When I walk into that mist. And if you are not there,... Continue Reading →


All numb All frozen Just a part of me remains "Still, poised and balanced" to the eye Who knows how deep it runs But the one who cares to scratch the surface And the one who dares to dive right... Continue Reading →

You Said

You said - Be friends I extended an arm You said - Let's meet I was happy to meet I had to leave You said- Come back I said I will You said - I am leaving I said ok... Continue Reading →

Memoirs for my child – 14

Her: Oh Mumma, I think you will have to overeat. Me: Why? Her: Coz I'm too full to finish my dinner I am taking vocal music lessons and I record and listen to the recordings to make improvement. The 5year... Continue Reading →

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