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Hole in my heart

I walk around with a hole in my heart I walk around with a weight on my soul I walk around with a heart all black I struggle to take every breath The hole that I cannot mend, I try... Continue Reading →

Tiny Pieces

I see little pieces of you everywhere I see you in the little girl that looks like you I hear you in the poem that reflects your style In see you in the black that is your favorite color I... Continue Reading →

It isn’t that..

It isn't that you don't tread through my dreams anymore, It's just that I've learnt to wake up and wipe off the tears, It's just that I've learnt to breathe till my heart stops pacing. It isn't that I don't... Continue Reading →

I abandoned Viv

Tam told me that she had sent an email to Viv. She had asked him to come see me at a bar. I thought she'd gone crazy, why would Viv come to see me. It was amply clear that I... Continue Reading →


No one promised that it won't get foggy, When you are already in the woods.


You erected these walls around you, So that I don't see you or hear you Smell you or feel you. And then you peep through the crack in the wall To know what? If I sit and stare into space... Continue Reading →


I didn't swim across the river, like Sohni For a secret rendezvous, every night. I didn't die in swirling currents, Failing to fight their might. I don't have Sassi's beauty, to have you seek me Never betrayed by your brothers,... Continue Reading →

I wonder

I wonder what hurts more The first sharp stab to the heart Or the one that finally bursts it open. I wonder what stings more The first whiplash Or when the whip cuts all flesh, and the muscle And meets... Continue Reading →


I changed this blog from a premium to unpaid plan. Hence, if you are still reading me, you may see some advertisements. God knows the blog isn't any less important than it was before, but turns out I don't have... Continue Reading →

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