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Did you hear me?

I lay underneath thy sky The bluest of the blue I sent a thousand prayers I looked at the million colors and sought you I wondered as I looked at every hue Did you hear my prayers While you got... Continue Reading →


After a long day, you are like a.. ..a hot shower for aching bones A soft murmur for a tired soul Gentle fingers in messy hair Soft hands on burning temples Cold water on tired feet A stubborn ray that... Continue Reading →

Chihuly Glass Garden – Seattle

I promise, I’ll forget

Every poem I read, tells our story Every poem I read, is about us We are entangled in the words of all the songs Our rhythm in every beat and every note I hear If I walk in the breeze,... Continue Reading →

Unseen, Unheard, Untouched

Your name quivers upon my breath And I never dare whisper. Your face stays in my head And I never draw on paper. Your memories etched in my heart I never dare mention. Your love strong in my bones I... Continue Reading →

Frozen Heart

His voice soft as velvet Her name on his lips His heart all gentle music Like chimes in the breeze. Her soul deaf as a wall She doesn't hear him call Her heart frozen ice That the wind cannot touch.... Continue Reading →

The Imperfect God

Why put her on a pedestal, they say She doesn't love you as you do, they say Perhaps, she doesn't even spare a thought for you. What do I care, I say Love doesn't know give and take Who am... Continue Reading →

If not for you.


I was miss goody two shoes,

At least on the surface,

At least how my parents and most of my friends knew me.

I was born to conform,

and born to make sure that my parents smile

and born to be teachers pet

so I conformed.

I did not skip classes

My head was stuck in books

I worked hard and earned from as soon in my life as I could

I never caught any first-day-first-shows

And believed when my dad said that our legacy was “hard-work”

and that he had nothing else but ethics and morals to share

I did not go out with friends at work

I did not party hard

Like everyone around me seemed to do

And that is how life was,

for more than 30 years.

And then I had you – my little girl

And you have been hard work,

All day and all…

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Will You?

I don't long for a touch I don't for a caress I don't long for love I don't long for a kiss I long to sit at your feet I long to rest my head at your knee And let... Continue Reading →

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