Happiness – for some is ever elusive, and for some, is a choice. I have learnt, that it is, what you make of it. I have also learnt that you can learn to stay happy. This, of course, doesn’t mean that there will not be moments of despair, or there wouldn’t ever be anything that doesn’t upset you. Happiness is knowing how to get out of these moments. One could choose several ways of doing it, and each one of us have a different way of making it happen. But make it happen, we all can!

Remind – Remind yourself to smile! It could be a smiley at your desk at work, it could be a photograph that reminds you of happy times, it could be a quote – choose what will not fail to make you smile.

Awareness – Know what makes you happy. It could be music, it could be sitting by the sea side, it could be dancing. It could be a thousand different things. Analyze, and know what can lift your spirits. And use it, when you are low.

Company – Surround yourself with happy people. You are what your company is. Be around people who think there is a solution to every problem and not with people who have a problem for every solution! A reminder that every situation can be dealt with, can be very powerful.

Connect – Connect to your inner self. Take out time for doing nothing. Take care of your body. Take out time for yourself. Meditate, exercise and take care of your soul.

“Choose” happiness!