This is a compilation of various ways in which happiness, love, or loss thereof, manifests itself…

– Some days make you realize the importance of ‘free hugs’ movement.

– I thought I was over you. And then I saw you again.

– Aawaz bhi chheen li, alfaaz bhi le liye..ehsaas jo baaki hain, saans ke saath jaate rahe..(You have silenced my voice, taken away my words. What is left is emotions, they will go away as my breath does)

-And there comes a time when you don’t ask any more questions. You just let go.

– I close my heart to you today, because I cannot bear being just another face in the crowd (Jayein aaj se chhorh di chahat bhi aapki, bheed mein shaamil hona gawara nahi hamein)

– And when I saw your child, I wished the child was ours!

– Happiness doesn’t always lie in forevers. It often lies in small moments.

– Of all the people that love me, the love that I see in the eyes of my child is the purest. When she says she loves me, I don’t have any doubts. When she doesn’t say she loves me, I can feel it in her slight arms around my neck, I can feel it in the kisses that she showers upon me. The love of my child surrounds me.

– I may not even live for another year, she said, why do you want to marry me? I want to you have the days that you have left, he said. They got married. She lived for many years.

– I am not optional. If you want me, show me. If you love me, show me. I’m not available when the most important person in your life is not. Don’t give my anyone’s place, give me mine.

– The one that can make you sing, can also rob your heart of all lyrics, you of all music. Be careful of who you let in.

– If you have one such person who gives you new dreams, whose fire gives you the wings to achieve those dreams, that person is for keeps. By your side, or in your heart.

– The best reward for cooking is, seeing the food get over (and not because you cooked too little)

– (this is not my original thought, at least not the first half) Love isn’t just saying ‘I love you’. It can be ‘Get some rest’, ‘Did you eat?’, ‘Wear your seatbelt’…it could be star gazing together, it could be cooking together, it could be meaningless conversations, it could be a smile, it could be a can be anywhere and anything…it could be a lot of things and silly nothings.

– At times, all you need to do is see your mum.