‘I want you to know that you have added precious days and moments to my life. And I want you to know now because there are times when you don’t get a chance to say things that you want to.’, her message said. She could see he was typing and deleting and retyping a response. ‘And I’m not thinking of killing myself’, she added while his message ‘you are not contemplating anything stupid, are you?’ popped in. Their messages must have crossed in cyber space. She smiled and wrote ‘ No, not now, anyway’.

He was a friend, well barely. But he had seen her soul. He didn’t know how close she was to giving up on that day. He didn’t know just because he cared, it made a difference in her head. She made a choice that very moment and she said ‘There are too many precious people in my life to give up on or to set a poor example for’. While she knew that people who were pushed over the brink did not set out to be poor examples, she knew may be they lacked just what his words had given her. Hope!

She thought of her daughter who had told her that very morning that she missed mumma whenever mumma was gone. She remembered the look on her husband’s face when she asked him in the morning, ‘Will you take care of our baby?’ She was fighting a battle and losing it miserably. A battle with herself. She couldn’t have won it without hope pouring in, without love pouring in. Her daughter’s, her husband’s, a friend’s.

Be the love, be the hope that someone needs. You never know whose world are you saving. You never know if its your own world you are saving. Keep hope alive!