This is a compilation of sweet little nothings that my daughter says. This is a memoir for her, and for me..

– “Mumma, am I your heart?”, asked she. ” Yes love, you are my heart”. “Why mumma, is there no heart in your body?”. There is, I said. ” Then why am I your heart?”

– “Is Papa your life, Mumma?”. ” Yes love, he is. Is he yours, too?”. “No, mumma, my toys are my life. No one else.”

-On a day when both of us were tired and cranky in our own ways. I am still ashamed and hurt that I had this conversation to realize what goes on in the little heart, given that I travel a lot. “If you don’t stop your tantrums, I’ll go away”. ” Will you never come back then. Mumma?”. “No, I won’t.” Teary eyed and visibly upset little girl – “Then I’ll keep looking for you and keep calling out – Mumma….Mumma…”


– Me: I have to go sweetheart, I need to hang up. I need to catch my flight.

Her: Where are you going mumma? Are you coming to meet me?

How I wished a million times that I could say Yes to that. How you break my heart, even though I live for you.


– Life is full of moments of trying to stand up without support, throaty giggles, trying to catch water from the tap, splashing water from a bucket, shaking everything like a rattle, looks of concentration and amazement while going through any new experience….life is not the same as it was a year ago…life is full of you..

– we moved to a new house in a new country. The move was made in a huff with my constant travel and things not quite turning out as planned. Enroute the new house –

Her: we don’t have chairs there? Us : no baby. We can sit on the carpet. We will get some chairs in a day or two.

Her: Do we have a bed there? Us: No, but we have sheets, pillows etc. We will be comfortable.

Her : Will we have FOOODD there? Or will we need to stay hungry? Us: oh darling, we do have food there. As much as you want. (What goes on in the little hearts 😦 🙂