– He strongly believed that abortion was equivalent to murder. He said that with great pleasure comes great responsibility. She adored him. She told him that she wasn’t on the pill. That didn’t stop them. And she asked what happens now. He just shrugged his shoulders. He never answered her calls again. She brought up her baby alone, because he didn’t believe in abortions. She still loves him.

– She went to the tea stall near her office with her colleagues. That’s when she saw a child with no shoes. No older than 5, perhaps. She pointed out to a friend, painfully, as the child went back and forth with cups of tea. “Why don’t you do something about it, if it bothers you so much!” Her friend said. The smile on the boy’s face when she got him shoes was a better feeling than just feeling sad for him.

– everyone said that she was super talented. She managed so many things, a child, a career that involved travel, her studies, the household chores. She tried to do her best. She realized why she does that, only when she sat alone in an empty house. She can’t bear the noise in her head. She has to stay busy. The noise drives her crazy. All that she did drowned out the noise.


– Life is all grey, not black and white, he said. Nor was hers, anymore. She tried hard to forget him. Tried too hard. But she didn’t find solace in anyone. Her black and white life became all grey in trying to forget him. The shadows of the grey killed her. Black and white was much better. But how do you get the black out of the white. How do you undo the greys.