She looked away
Looking at him was playing with fire
And she knew not how long she could play but not get burnt
She looked at him again
Trying to get past the shuttered gates of his eyes
Past the door to his soul
Past the door to his heart
He raised an eyebrow, a question in his eyes
She shook her head, looked away again
They stood there, high above the ground
The breeze caressing their faces – apart they stood
She longed to lean into him
She longed to be held
Instead she held back
And then held his hand, when she could hold back no more
Her head resting against his arm
He stood still, as still as the moment
She stepped away, feeling like a thief
Moments that she stole were not hers
Moments that she stole, perhaps, he didn’t want to give
His eyes were guarded, giving nothing away
“Why did you let go?”, he asked
“Coz I didn’t ask” she said
“What’s there to ask?”, he said
“it’s only legit to ask”, she said
Lost, she moved closer again
He stood still again, as still as the moment
Not a twitch, not a breath,
Not a gaze, nothing gave him away.
“What’s on your mind?”, asked his gaze
‘You are’ she wanted to say
Instead she shook her head
“I wanted to hold your hand” she said
“I should stop looking at you” she said in her head
Coz for how long can I look at you
For how long can I play with fire
Without tasting its wrath
She knew not where she stood
A stranger, a lover, or nothing to him
Could she kiss him, she didn’t know
Could she steal a hug, she didn’t know
Could she just hold him, she didn’t know
She’d never ask, he’d never say
And then they had to go
They shook hands
And there she was, nestled against him
Did she pull him close, she doesn’t remember
Did he pull her close, she doesn’t remember
She just remembers the warmth
She just remembers his chin on top of her head
She has a moment that will last her a lifetime, and some more
But it wasn’t enough, so she stole some more
Stood on her tiptoe and felt his warm lips
Pressed ever so slightly against hers
That’s all she stole – some heartache, some peace, some love
A mystery he is, unrattled he is
Her pages all in the open, all wild emotion
Coz he keeps it that way, and she knows not how to
She just steals what isn’t hers, and knows not if he wants to give
And she plays with fire, knows not for how long
She steals her moments – some heartache some peace, some love