Being a passenger in your own life, perhaps, an experience that no one wants or deserves.

How far do you bend for people you love? How far do the people in your life push you? Do they have power over you, may be a little too much? Do you stay quiet to avoid just another argument? Do you not do just another thing, because “someone” in your life won’t like it?

If that sounds familiar, it is time you took charge. This sentence may sound familiar, too. But if there is one thing that everyone should be unapologetic about, it is doing what you want, everyday, every second. Make allowances for people that you love, for sure. As long as doesn’t infringe upon your boundaries. Be flexible, rigidity will break you. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of your happiness. Assess, reflect, stay kind, but not at YOUR cost.

So move over to the driving seat, stop being a passenger. Take people along in your happiness ride. After all, when your eyes flutter and close, one last time, your heart should know that you have lived. There should be no regrets, driver!




via Daily Prompt: Passenger