She was waiting for him, watching out for his handsome face in the crowd. All decked up in an ivory gown, wondering if she looked beautiful. She’d never known how he felt about her, least of all now, after so many years. And she waited for him, nervous fingers turning cold, each minute like an eternity. Will he turn up? And then she saw him, his piercing eyes holding her gaze. She’d never been able to look away from his beautiful face, his oh-so-perfect mouth, his compelling eyes. God knows what held her from swooning over. And then he came and stood in front of her, his arms enveloping her, his warm lips pressing against hers. Her fears and doubts all vanished, she felt beautiful. He loved her and held her close and his warmth seeped into her soul.

Time flew by and she was watching him play with their chubby little boy who had the same piercing eyes as his father. They had her heart, both of them. Her world was so complete, so beautiful. The baby cried, asking for her attention….

…and she woke up with a start, the complete world melting away. She wanted to hold on, close her eyes and live that moment a little longer, but the dream was over. She shook her head – talking to her friends about a romantic movie and seeing this unrequited love’s picture on social media before bed was her undoing. Her subconscious had worked over time and shown her beautiful years in a few hours. Years that she’d never have. He never entrusted himself to her. She’d made peace with that some time ago.

She kicked off the sheets and smiled and went off about her day’s work. She had made a complete and beautiful world without him. She looked at the heavens and sent up a silent prayer. Though a part of her would always love him. But she was happy without him, too.