1) Despair is when you sit outside your house, not wanting to go in. And nowhere else to go.

2) Despair is when you end up shouting at your child for no fault of theirs, and the inability to undo it.

3) Despair is when you see you partner slipping away from you every minute, and not knowing how to stop it.

4) Despair is watching your parents fall sick as they grow old, them needing your arm to walk, and not knowing how to make them stronger.

5) Despair is parents watching their kids leave, and wanting to hold on to something, anything!

6) Despair is when you know you are not a good influence on your child and not knowing whether you should stay or leave.

7) Despair is when you want to talk to someone but don’t know whom.

8) Despair is when you know who you want to talk to but they are in the opposite timezone.

9) Despair is when someone leaves you without telling you that they love you when they do. Despair is never finding out why they left.


Despair is all of it put together, or one thing on it’s own. Despair is something that keeps sucking you into the vortex, no matter how your struggle with all your might. It is a dark, black hole.