I am finishing my post graduate course in my home country while my daughter is with my husband, who has moved to the US. I cannot drop the course, as I’m more than halfway through. So I am away from my little 4yr old for a while.

Every day is emotional, here is last night’s conversation.

Her: Mumma, you aren’t my best friend any more.
Me: why baby?
Her: Best friends don’t go away.
Me: But Caitlyn has gone to Kindergarten. She is still your best friend
Her: Best friends don’t go away forever
Me: I haven’t gone away forever. I’ll come back
Her: You have to come back right now
Me: But I don’t have a ticket. Let me see if I can find a ticket. But you know I still won’t be back right this minute. It’s a long flight
Her: (Wobbly voice) I will talk to you only if you take a flight RIGHT NOW!

**Hangs up**
**Sad and teary eyed mumma**
**Sad baby** 😦