He won’t eat it, you’re told. Just after you cooked with all your heart.

He won’t take this box for lunch, you’re told. Just after you pack his lunch after checking with him

This is too bland “for us”. You’re told. And you know you’ll never be a part of “us”.

You’re not asked in years about what you like eating. While your mum goes crazy about cooking your husband’s favorite dishes.

Lowered voices when his family gets together, while you’re trying to spend time with them. So you know you should get up and leave.

You’re sitting right there but you are not asked questions that you can answer. He is asked while you are referred to as a third person, not even worthy of being addressed with your name

You have duties and responsibilities but no authority. “Did you ask me?” is a common rhetoric.

You stay on as your mum always taught you to ignore what’s not pleasant. And a wise man said “what do you practice every day?”. So you practice patience and shrug your shoulders and go through every single day. And on some very dark days, you write and move on.