– I keep waking up to dreams of you leaving. So now, I stay awake until I know I cannot stay awake anymore.

– The distance is hard. I feel hollow. I feel scared that there will be too much distance by the time there is no distance.

– What is scary about distance is that you start operating from what you “think” the other person is thinking.

– The distance can either kill you or make you stronger. I hope you know what I’m hoping for.

– I hope you know that I’m as lonely as you are. There are times when I don’t know what to fill my weekends with. So I read all that doesn’t matter – celebrities getting divorced, their children getting roles, and what not. I know I cannot let myself think for I’m scared of the hollow feeling. I’d write but there are times when I cannot write. But I hope that you aren’t holding this against me.

– My child, the hardest part is explaining to you. I hope it hit home when I told you that I do not go away from you. I go away because I have to finish the unfinished business. I hope you understood when I said that I love you. I hope you understood that I need to keep going away but I’ll continue loving you. I hope you know that the hardest part is not seeing you growing up. The hardest part is missing a part of your life.