Sometimes, we end up saying or hearing very profound phrases and statements –

1) “Have you ever paid attention to the background score of a movie?”, he asked. “Our story is just like that. We will go on with our lives, but it will keep playing in the background”.

2) “At times you just want to be told how much you mean to someone”, he wrote. A friend said, “Ask your mother, you will always know how much you mean to her.”

3) “I want to be happy. Help me be happy. My life gets worse every day, though I have the money I wanted. Help me.”, he said. His sister dies a little every day not knowing what to do.

4) “Mumma, you are the most precious thing in the whole world.”, said her 4year old.

5) There is nothing like a small, little, warm body nestled against you and the little, chubby, fingers stroking your face.