An account of what our 4 year old says from time to time (whose first language isn’t English, but she’s near perfected the language).

Me: Do you know what you mean to me?

She shakes her head, “No, Mumma.”

Me: You are my world. You are my universe.

Her: (matter of factly, and because she has recently visited) Yes, Mumma. I am your Universal Studios.



Her: Can I have a baby in MY tummy!?

Me: You are too small sweetheart. When you grow up, if you want to have a baby, you can have one in your tummy.

Day 2:


Her: Do you think when I grow up, I can drive?

Me: Yes, when you grow up.

Her: Can I have a baby in my tummy?

Me: When you grow up. But why do you want a baby?

Her: Because I like them

Me: We all like babies. But it is hard work to bring them up. You need to take good care of them.

Her: I think I’ll just drive a car then.