When I think of traveling to this city, let’s call it “The Island”, all I think of – is you. I don’t know how the Island became synonymous with you. My mind cannot separate you from the Island and the Island from you.

The wind that blows here reminds me of the cool night breeze when I walked with you. The horn of the train, reminds of the apartment balcony that we stood in. The small red flowers on the trees remind me of the fragrance we drowned in – as we stood next to each other and peered into the night. The twinkling lights remind me of the lake that we gazed at, the breeze gently caressing the surface and the calm giving way to ripples.

The music reminds me of your intense gaze, laden with promises that I almost felt but also with restraint. The wine reminds me of how your eyes drown me and block out all sense, apart from my awareness of your proximity.

The stars in the sky, watching traffic from my hotel room, the music – everything brings back memories of you. Perhaps, it is not you that I miss but the romanticized notion of you. You have spoiled this beautiful city for me. When I visit here, I need to see you. Any day that I spend here, is spent lost in your thoughts. If I cannot see you, I don’t want to be here. But if I’m here, all I can ever see is you.