– From my brother: The world would have been a different place without you. I can’t say better or worse.

– From a friend:

We all aspire to become like you one day. You are simply awesome.

– From another friend

May the girl with the highest empathy for others get her own due.

May this girl bring joy to many many more lives around her

May she get happiness today and in the whole year ahead.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful person I know.

From a person who forgot 😦

From a person who has gained a lot and continues to gain from this birthday girl.

Thanks for being there.


From my little girl (who gave me a balloon that her aunt got for her) which means that I meant more to her than the balloon, which is an awful lot 🙂 : Happy Birthday mumma. She said it every few hours. My little girl, with a heart of gold.