I took up a post graduate course when mu daughter was two. It has taken away a lot of time from her and in a sombre moment I said ” Baby I’m sorry, I’ve taken away so much of your time”.

She sensed the mood and she likes using big words. Perhaps she didn’t know what to say “it’s ok mumma, I know it’s impossible”. And I burst out laughing!


Her: Which chocolate did you get for me?
Me: Twix, can you spell it. If you spell it, you will get it
Her: Tee-eye-ex
Me: tWix, there is a W sound too. tW. T W I X
How will you spell twin?
Her: Tee-eye-en
Me: tWin, a W sound
Her: Twee – eye – en Twin


Me: (wincing in pain – troublesome wisdom tooth)
Her: what happened Mumma?
Me: Mumma is in pain baby
Her: why don’t you tell Nanu, Nani (my parents). They will give you something and you will be better. And if you are unwell during the night, you can still wake them up.

*Parents are always parents* and what a sweet little soul.


Mumma is driving and the 4year old girl is strapped in her back seat. While climbing a flyover, she says “Come on Mumma, let’s catch the clouds!”

**Instant mood lifter**


Her: Papa can you pls increase the volume? (As the song was ending and she thought he turned down the volume again)

Why did you unincrease it, Papa?

Him : Baby, it is not unincrease it is decrease. How will you say it?
Her: Papa can you unincrease the decrease?

❤ ❤