The regular white bread has given way to a variety that cannot be deciphered

We fill “gas” in “gallons” instead of “petrol” in “litres”

We drive for “miles” and not “kilometres”, and that too on the “other” side of the road

The taps never run dry and the electricity is never on a blink

The washer-dryer-vacuum cleaner are meant to ease our lives

We buy amazingly “non-expensive” food instead of fretting over how the food costs are going up

Fewer “episode days”, lesser “air pollution”

Higher share of “world’s fresh water resources”

The roads are smoother, despite the swinging climates

The gym and the pool just a short walk away

Our child goes to a playground where swings are meant for kids – no rotted and rusted iron sheets

Even if she were to fall, the rubber mat would be her cushion

There will, perhaps, be no bruises and chafed knees and elbows

Family picnics have become family barbecues

Hot sweltering days have become cold snowy days –

But suddenly we want to be warm again

The white Christmas doesn’t hold as much promise as it did

Why is the heart so hollow and empty again

When will you next have the street food that you so love

There is no dust on the streets, when will we ever smell the fragrance of moist earth in rain again

Why is there a vacuum, when there is no complaint

Why is there a dull ache, eating into the joy.