The smell of guavas reminds me of the tree that we loved to climb

The one that mom said she and papa had planted on the day of their wedding

The smell of grass in sun reminds me of the beautiful strolls I took

A windy night reminds me of the howling from aeons ago

The swarming crowds at India Gate remind me of the days when we just lay there and soaked in the peace

The brilliantly lit sky reminds me of Nana’s house, how we slept under the stars

The trees laden with red flowers remind me of the road that I took for several years

The sound of crashing waves reminds me of the first time I went to a beach

How far I’ve come reminds me of where I started

And I have these memories because of the days I lived

And not the ones that just went by

Such is the power of today

A today lived well, lasts you a lifetime

And the one that you just let go by, doesn’t last a moment

So live your today.. and it will last you a lifetime