– The weather was changing and I wore my pedal pushers to bed. In the morning my 4 year old tries pulling them to my ankles, and when she cannot, she asks “Mumma, are these your sleeveless pyjamas?”

– Mumma, how do people die and go to God when there are no holes in the sky?

– How does the driver of the train know where we want to get down?

He doesn’t. We have to get down on our own. He stops only at stations.

How will they know if we got down at right station?

If you don’t buy the right ticket, the gate won’t open and you cannot leave the station.

What happens then?

You have to pay a fine and then you can leave the station.

“I don’t want to travel in these trains”.


– Her:Mumma, will you always love me?

Me: Yes love

Her: even if I’m naughty?

Me : Yes

Her : whatever I do?


A few hours later, she got pulled up for not getting her hair done. Accusingly, “Mumma, you said you will always love me. Where are you loving me now?”

And she got a hug.