When you have a daughter

Her- Mumma, you look very pretty.
Me- thank you, baby
Her- But I look prettier than you.

Her- Papa
Him- Yes baby
Her- Sleep Papa, you have to wake up and go to work earlier than me. I go to school later in the day. So you should sleep.


Me – You know what sweetheart
Her – No, mumma
Me – you are growing up too fast and we will miss these days
Her – But you will still love me (matter of factly)
Me – of course, we will always love you
Her – I appreciate it, mumma
Me – :O :X


“I miss you a million and eight pounds, Mumma”

“I miss you eighty lines”

“I miss you sixty miles an hour”


A constant lie that every mom tells herself..’they won’t need me as badly next year..I will be able to put my feet up’…
But the hollowness when she feels that they don’t!


Me (on a video call): I want to kiss both your cheeks Myru
Myra: What can we do Mumma, you will have to wait till you are back here.