Heart breaks are simpler now

Walking out of someone’s life is as simple as this –

You are always too busy to call

You are always too busy to text

You are always too busy with your life

The work always swamps your days

Making time is hard…you just tell them that…heart breaks are simpler


Tap, you delete the phone number from your phone

You don’t write them down anymore

Click, you “unfriend” them

You don’t meet them anymore

Click, you “unfollow” them

Your heart never followed them anyway

Snap…all ties are severed

They are not so strong anymore

Relationships are just a bunch of photos

A saved number

A connection on the world wide web

Heart breaks are simpler now, for some of us anyway.

You don’t see the tears, no one can plead, coz you can “block” them away.

And the ones with the scars, are not meant for this world anyway.