My little girl, you are growing up

It is hard to leave you and go

Because you can count the days now

And feel the hours, coz you are growing up


I see your chin wobble,

And then you break down, when I’m away from you

And you need me more, coz you are growing up


There are times when you don’t talk to me on the phone

I understand that it hurts you more to talk to me, when I’m not around

I want you here, you said, not on the phone

Your emotions are stronger, you can articulate how you feel, you are growing up


I’ve taken a part of your life, in doing what I needed to do

I’ve been away from you

And I’m scared that you won’t need me in a while, coz you are growing up

I want to be with you and I need to do what I need to do

As you are growing up

Forgive me for leaving you, I hope you will understand one day

Why your mum is so guilty

And she loves you to the moom and back

I hope you will get it, coz you are growing up