– I pack my bags and I roam the world, yet when I come home, it seems I was never gone.

The travels enrich me but solace I find in my bed. Wanderlust beckons but home calls out louder. I wonder what will it be like to be gone, and to never be back.


Airports are lonely places..
And I land again
No “home” to go to
A house that was home
Until a few days ago
No cuddles waiting for me
No hands recognizing me in sleep
Timezones away is my soul
And I land again..and again.. Till I reach you again..

Until then. Airports are lonely places
Airports are sad places


Common scenario

Friend: Are you in town? Or Will you travel to “xyz” anytime soon?
Me: Not at the moment, but I’ll let you know when I visit.
Friend: Sure I’d love to meet you. It’s been so long.

Take 2:
Me: Hello, I’m in town.
Friend: Ohh, but I am travelling to (someplace else).
Me: when will you be back?
Friend: Day after
Me: no worries, I’m here for a week

2 days later
Me: Are you back?
Friend : Radio silence
Me: Just so that you know I’m here till day after
Friend: radio silence

Another scenario:

Friend: let’s meet
Me: ok
friend: Come to ….(some place near South Pole)
I keep going like a fool, then one odd time
Me: Meet me midway, (at the equator)?
Friend: Radio silence