This is the first time that words ever failed her

Of course, knowing that she has failed him,

And failed herself too.


She had loved him, and he would always have a piece of her heart

She should have known that love meant that he came before her

Before her longing to see him

Before all her feelings and emotions


She failed him, by letting her love for him lead her

She failed him, by causing him pain

She failed him by putting him in a situation that he did not create

Nor deserved to waddle through

She failed him by taking away the pride of being honest


She should have known, loving doesn’t mean possessing

Though she did not set out to have him, at any time – She knew her place, and she should have stayed there

Without hoping for a final goodbye of sorts

She should have known that seeing him is not important, though her heart thought otherwise

As he would always be special, though not hers, not now, not ever

Look what she ended up doing, taking away his pride and hers

She cannot look at herself in the mirror

Perhaps severing all ties is the only redemption

Hoping that he stands taller than the situation

Hoping that he gets his due

Hoping that she would also get over the hope, of seeing him again


She cries not for him, but for him

She is ashamed, of having failed him

She hopes he stands tall, as that is the only redemption

Perhaps some day, she will have the courage to look him in the eye

Perhaps some day, she will forgive herself

Perhaps some day, she will have the courage to write again.