– Me: Why do you cry in your sleep, my love? Do you have dreams?

Her: Yes, mumma.

Me: What do you dream about?

Her: I dream that you are going away forever 😦

(I have spent 4 -5months out of the last year away from her, travelling)


Her: Mumma, you look pretty in this top. Will you keep wearing it till I come back from school?

Me: Yes, sweetheart.


Her: Mumma, do you want another child?

Me: I don’t know, may be.

Her : Why do you want another child?

Me: ummmm, so that you could have someone with you, always.

Her: Ok, I want a sister.


A few days later

Her: Mumma, the other child – will she be my cousin?

Me: Which child, Myra? (Having forgotten about the previous conversation)

Her : the one we spoke about.

Me: Sweetheart, only if we have one. She will be your sister.

Her: Can I carry her and take her to her cradle?

Me: Yes, but, keep in mind, baby, that if we have a sister, mumma will need to spend a lot of time caring for her. I hope that won’t upset you.

Her: but I’ll do all of her work

Me: ok, then you care for her..I’ll care for you.

Her: yay. After a moment’s hesitation – but I won’t clean her diaper!