A photographer –

– sees the cosmic rays when everyone thinks the sun hurts the eyes

Sees the poetry in clear skies when we hope for some shade

Reminds us of the beauty of harsh sun filtering through the leaves of a tree

Shows us the beauty in endless highways when we struggle between cruise control and sleep

Captures the perfectly poised drop at the end of a grass blade that wets everyone else’s shoes

Deciphers the elegant flight of a seagull that screeches and annoys

Decrypts the footprints in sand that one won’t turn around to look at

Details the snow woven through the conifers while we shiver and snuggle

Captures the molten sun on water while we hurry back home at the end of the day

Brings to life the details that we miss out, coz we are all too busy.

A photographer makes us smile, sit back and forget,

A photographer helps us reminisce, small forgotten joys and moments

Which make it worth his while!