What happens when one of you is all spent

And the other is all full of life

When one of you is all branches
And the other is all red flowers
When one of you is tired, past the prime
And the other is all blooming up
When one of your stands at a distance
And the other one stands away too
All that shows is-
Broken, tried
Spent contrast
And what happens when one seems intertwined with other
When one is tired, they can lean back into the other and find solace in their calm
The branches of the one lend character and strength to the blossom
One finds out that you don’t always need to be bright, there is grace in age and wrinkles
When you stand together, you seem one
Like a whole
Like some pieces fitting together
Tired, yet strong
Old, yet stoic
Spent, yet fresh!
* In the picture are two trees, both nondescript when seen on their own. And so beautiful when seen together*