She cried for days

Coz he left a void

Though he was never there

But there was a hope

Of seeing him at some point in time

She lived for that hope

She doesn’t know when she started doing that


But the hope gets dimmer than the dimmest

Now she won’t see him anymore

Perhaps for his good and hers

Not because she feels any differently

Nor because he abandoned her

But because it wasn’t meant to be


She cried and held on to hope

And then she asked herself

What is she hoping for?


When will she live her life?

When there is no more tomorrow?

This is not what he’d want

He’d want her to live

Live each day

And celebrate each moment

And so she will

And hopes he will, too


Coz just like he said

The story never started

The story will never end

It won’t cease to be

Like timeless music

Just playing in the background


He loves her, now she knows

She loves him, he knows

But why should it make one sad

Love isn’t meant to hold one back

Love isn’t meant to just hold one close

Love is just meant to be

Love is just meant to help you be