The exhilaration of travel

Does it lie in the journey or the destination

Confined to your seat for hours and hours- layovers a welcome relief

Or are they –

When you sit at the empty gates – all that din but no voice your own

Each head bowed into their own virtual space

The escalators on a never ending journey – perhaps just like you

Announcements for flights to places that evoke memories, places you have been to and places you’ve never been to

Announcement for a missing four year old girl that you look around for but cannot spot

Running feet – in and out – arrivals and departures

Not a glance to spare, nor a smile to share


And then you get up and run, from your cold steel chair

You run to spend the next few hours in your cramped spot

To the next flight

To the next destination

Even though you don’t know

Where is the destination

Where do you stop