My 4 yr old, her dad, granny, aunt and cousin are in Florida, Universal Studios. I’m not with them as I’m travelling. I travel a lot and needless to say, the girl misses me.

And there is a wishing well. So my girl asks her dad for a coin. “What do you want to wish for?” he asks. “I want to wish that mumma stays with me forever and never goes away”.


I’m travelling again. This time I’m going to be gone for 6 weeks. My girl is almost five. She travelled with me for the last 6 months but now she starts school so she has to stay put. I talk to her twice a day – video calls to be precise so that she can see me. I get showered with kisses. One day my husband tells me she kept hugging and kissing the phone after I hung up.

At times, she refuses to hang up. Wanting to cling on. Then one day  when i’m blowing kisses to her, she  tells me “mumma, how about I press my cheek to the phone and then you give me a kiss.”.

Oh my gal, we both hurt. And we both love each other. You make it difficult for me to go away.


On a video call, another day -Mumma, let’s pretend that we are hugging each other…..