He lost his breath when he saw her first – how could anyone be so perfect

He lost his mind when she looked at him – she was all that he saw

He  lost sense of time when she sat with him- she filled all of it

He lost his days when she was away from him – her thoughts filled all the time

He lost his ability to love anyone else – she seemed to be the only one worth it

He lost his senses when she was gone – the void she left too big

He didn’t feel the pain – his mind all numb


He lost his sense of right when she came back – she was all he needed

The lost decade, all seemed like a moment

The wind her fragrance, her hair all silk

Her skin all honey, her gaze all molten

She filled his moments and hours and days

And he loved her like like she never went away

And he loved her like she was the air he breathed


And then she walked away again – he just wanted her back

He lost everything that she was a promise of – his days all empty

His eyes just blank, his heart a twisted tale

His breath perfunctory, his moments stretched into days

His wait endless, he had nothing more to lose.