“Are you happy?”, Pete asked. The question threw him off guard. He start thinking if he was happy, indeed. He couldn’t think of anything that should make him unhappy. He had a beautiful daughter, a pretty wife who understood him really well. He didn’t have to put things into words for her to understand. Yet he went about his days grumbling, wanting something that he didn’t have.

“I just asked coz a friend asked me today”, said Pete sensing his friend’s silence and perhaps hesitation. “No, it’s not that I don’t want to share, Pete. But I just realized in these brief moments that I have been very ungrateful. I don’t know what I have been waiting for and what is it that I’ve been grumpy about. I have everything that anyone could ever hope for – a beautiful family, a good job, a good house, all luxuries one could think of. But my heart still pines and yet when you ask me, there is nothing that I’m unhappy about. Still I cannot stop wishing that Anna came back. She has been long gone, long before she actually walked out of my life. And here I am – the biggest fool, still yearning for her. For her – who left me without thinking twice, not coz she had any malice for me but because she didn’t feel anything for me. Or perhaps I’d never know. And I’m letting go of all that i have rather than enjoying my family  and all the love I have. ”

“You aren’t the only one, my friend”, said Pete. “We all live like that, running after a something and a someday which will never come. A someday when we don’t even know if we have a tomorrow. I’m glad I asked you the question, I realize I have my own todays to live up to!”