Her: Mumma, did you have a baby bump when I was in your tummy?

Me: Yes, baby.

Her: Show me how big, with your hands. (I oblige)

Her: Did Papa take any pictures of you, then?

Me: 😀 😀 (No, I didn’t want any pictures at that time)



Her: Mumma, the armpits of my knees are sweating



Her: Mumma, how are we able to hear through the phones? There are no wires? How does the sound reach us?

(It was hard to explain EM waves to a 4yr old)


I don’t know how to swim. I try, but I struggle. And the little girl is taking swimming lessons. So I was trying to float one day and she kept calling out to me. I stood upright in the pool and she asked “were you able to hear me?” Yes, I said. And she goes “that means you didn’t do it right. If you did it right, your ears would be in water and you wouldn’t hear me.”