She had loved him

But she chose someone else

Walked the aisle to someone else


He knew she loved him before she left him

She never said it to him

But it was written all over her face

She met him whenever she was in town

And she never wanted to leave

Even when she knew she had to go

All their meetings stretched

Neither wanting to leave

They’d always want to stay

And then she would drive him halfway home

Coz they wanted to stay

Always drunk on each other’s eyes

Never once touching

Never once lifting a finger

Never once laying a finger


But they didn’t say it

He tried

She said it with her eyes but never with words

He didn’t know what to do

He let her go when she did

And then one day, he got a picture

Of her “forever” guy

He didn’t fall to pieces, he thought that was a closure


But it didn’t end

A decade went by

And he saw her again

Her presence hit him again

As raw as ever

And she now she said she had liked him

Still no mention of love

But she said she was happy where she was

And she said that she didn’t want to fail him

And so she’d left

It was easier that way

Coz she wanted to keep what she felt for him – intact


She had loved him, all this while

Though she was happy where she was

And the knife turned slowly in his heart

Had he known, he would have told her

That he will be her second rainbow, on dark dark days

That he will be her orange flowers against the dull brown roof

He will be her silver lining when the sun didn’t show

And he’d beg her

For her to have him

For her to pick him

For her to choose him

If she let him in on her fears

If she loved him enough to let him in

If she didn’t wait for a decade to tell him that she’d loved him.