At times  he shrugs his shoulders and just goes about his day, but she’s around

At times he pours his heart out to his closest friend, but she lingers

At times he drowns himself in the songs he knows she loved, but she dances

At times he listens to music that she’d never listen to, but she still has a grip

At times he runs, but she keeps him company

At times he sketches, and her eyes stay with him

At times he reads, but her face jumps up from the pages

At times he drives to run away, but she holds his hand

At times he cries into the pillow at night, but he hopes

At times he wants to pick up the phone and tell her that her daughter has glimpses of her – unlike what he last told her

At times he wants to ask her if she knew that she has the same sun sign as his sister, but she’s not family

At times he wants to tell her that his brother paints too, but her colors silence him

At times he blogs, but he doesn’t have her steam

At times he just digs his nails into his palms, but she still hurts him more

To block her out, he has fallen off the internet, into a blackhole but she follows

Just at times, he remembers that she is going to stay…

….for how you can take her out of his blood…

….for how can you take her out of his breath..

…for how can you take her out of his heart..