She isn’t all dark and broken

She loves the wind in her face

She loves her hair flying wild

She loves lifting her face to the raindrops

She loves gazing into the sunsets

She loves watching the orange become a ball of fire at dawn

She loves to bake a mean cake

Or the crusty pies and cookies

She loves how she can turn a blank page into a sketch

She loves the flowers dancing in the wind

She loves the music seeping into her soul

She loves walking across the wooden bridge with dance in her steps

She loves the sound of crashing waves

She loves the music the birds make

She loves the rustling of leaves in the wind

And loves the turning colors of the trees

She loves reading meaningless stories to her child and giggling

She loves listening to her friends’ woes

She may be broken a bit, but not dead

She may be at times be sad, but not without joy at all

She may have lost, but she still loves


**This is for a reader who wants her to smile. She hopes you see the smile through the words**