Another year has passed, and you have grown up, of course

You can tell when I’m angry even if my tone doesn’t change

You can surely tell when I’m angry and my tone does change

You can read my face

You hurt over my pimples 🙂

You tell me that I’m the best “thing” in the world

You are oh-so-picky about food that an army of chefs couldn’t please you

You let me sleep when you play now

You even lower your volume when I’m napping

Not uninterrupted still, you wake me up every fifteen minutes or so

You talk a lot to yourself, we wonder how you don’t just drop dead tired

You can run back up on the slides now

You love playing tag

But you still don’t like loosing

You finally said Yes to gymnastics!

You make new friends more easily now

But you are still reckless with others’ hearts

You love being read to

But you don’t make an attempt to read

You hate spellings

But love reading the clock

You stopped cycling since we raised the support

You still give up easily

And we are still learning to be more kind as we nudge you along

The supposed 5 years of your growing up are over

You are more of a person now.

I look forward to the next five and the next five and the next and the next…

I am sure I will enjoy them as much

I am sure I’ll pull my hair out a little less

Not coz you won’t still be a naughty trouble

But coz I barely have hair left!

Happy Fifth, my child.