Father: Come here sweetheart, I want you to see this 3 min video (the video is about why one should say sorry even if they didn’t really mean to be bad. And though it’s hard to apologize but it is the right thing to do)

30 seconds into the video, she starts walking away (our 5 year old)

Father: what happened, where are you going?

Her: silence.

Father: sweetheart what happened, why aren’t you watching it?

Her: (eyebrows in the sky, eyes popped out) I know what you are doing. I know what you will say.

Father: What?

Her: you will make me watch it and you will ask me to be a good girl! I already know it.

:X :X



She was putting her face into my neck and just going on wriggling.

Me: Ok sweetheart, what are you doing?

Her: when little babies love you but don’t want to say it, that is what they do!



On her Pre-K class charts:

My mother is teaching me – how to talk.

My father is teaching me – nothing!

(And Papa is offended. He is teaching her all life skills – how to use an allen key, how to open the lock, and so on. But she doesn’t think she is being taught anything! Isn’t that the beauty of it :))