I was 27, when I got a recurring stomach infection. Or so it was diagnosed. It wasn’t new to me – I had always had a feeble stomach. I kept delaying the visit to the doctor. It was the last few days of the month and I lived from pay day to pay day. When my stomach showed no signs of getting better, I finally relented and thought of paying my family doctor a visit – after the pay day of course.

Our family doctor kept pumping me with antibiotics – for a month! I didn’t know any better, so I kept popping them. Things didn’t get any better. I practically s(h)at in the restroom all day long. And my stomach rumbled angrily. And then I noticed blood. That scared me, well – a bit.

I was going through a very rough patch in my love life. And I couldn’t seem to get to get out of it. So I thought, may be this would be my way out. I thought I was going to die. Hell, I wanted to!But it was all very painful and I could hardly keep my food in. And I couldn’t stop working, I was the only family member putting bread on the table. I couldn’t die on my family.

I thought of taking a second opinion, I don’t even know any other doctor. I’d never been seriously sick. My mother asked around and we found another general practitioner. He heard me out, and said that I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, caused by my unusual working hours. He gave me a prescription but he was very clear in saying that if I didn’t feel any better in 10 days, I should see a gastroenterologist.

Well, I did not get better. Thankfully, someone knew of a good gastroenterologist. I ate to my heart’s content that day. I thought whatever it is, the doctor may put me on diet restrictions, so I hogged coz I may not have had the chance to eat well again. The GE didn’t give me.any prescription. He asked me to come back for a colonoscopy the next evening. And then he looked at my mother and asked her to come along. Come next evening, I had this male GE with a male assistant, doing a colonoscopy on me in my mother’s presence. And in that part of the world, it is done without anaesthesia.

“I see something” exclaimed the GE right as he started…

(To be continued)..