A: (sends a family picture)

B: What a perfect picture!

A: Yeah, a perfect picture. Only for the voices in my head. I have everything but I have the voices.

B: Voices are just visitors, let them come and go freely.

A: Yes. I’m determined for my family to have a good life.

B: And you, too . Don’t exclude yourself.

A: I have a good life. I have everything. The voices are unreasonable. They are mine.

B: That’s true for me too. I think I’m going to go mad.

A: oh yeah, then we can be mad ghosts. I think I need counseling. I need the voices to shut up. I cannot forget anything. I made tea. It was good tea. It’s like I’m hanging mid air.

Oh, I’m tired. I need to nap. That’s the only thing that stops this noise in my head. And I’m scared that sleep will elude me.

B: Oh so am I. I’ve been awake for 20hrs. There is this crazy energy that I’m sending out. It’s going to consume me. So I’m eating your brains.

A: Music? Yoga? Don’t let it eat you. I need you! Stay with me. We will go crazy together.

B: Always! Sleep now.

A: When the kids are grown up, let the husbands fend for themselves. You and I are going to roam the world.

B: Deal! Goodnight!