Her: Mumma, you look pretty!

Me: Thank you. So you think mumma is pretty?

Her: Yeah

Me: How about Papa?

Her: Mumma! Papa is a boy. He cannot be pretty. He is handsome!


Her: I am a little sad.

Me: Why baby?

Her: Because I miss Papa.

Me: Ok, we can call him. And he will be back in a few days. Should we call him now?

Her: But I also want to watch cartoon. I want to talk to him and watch cartoon.

Me: Ok, you can make a quick call, just see him and then watch TV.

Her: I will just watch cartoon.


Morning time! Getting ready for school is a big task. Every step of the way, we need a 5 min break. And whatever possibly can be done by someone else, the girl doesn’t want to do herself.

Her: Mumma, could you do me a favor please?

Me: Baby, you will have to brush your teeth on your own because I need to brush mine.

Her: (fishy look on the face) Ummm that isn’t what I was about to say.

Me: Ok?

Her: Mmmm will you play ball with me when I’m back from school?  That is what I wanted to say. (LIAR!!)


Day 1 at Kindergarten. Mumma is all nerves. It doesn’t help that the school has been sending at least 3 emails every day. And gosh! I don’t know what all I may have missed and I cannot seem to remember passwords for all those apps. School was simpler in our days!

Anyway, we waited for the school bus which was 40 min late. It was expected on Day 1 of new routes. I was really worried about how she is going to get on that bus. I was so sure that she would cry. The school bus came and she waved and smiled and hopped on.

After she came back from school-

Her: Mumma, you really thought I was going to cry and not go on the school bus.

Me: Yes, I did (hell, can she read me that easily?! I sure didn’t say anything about it)

Her: See, I didn’t cry. I was smiling when I went.


She and her cousin were on face time. She said that a visa takes a long time so we could visit them only in the next summer break now. My niece was teasing her and telling her that the visas are quick and it doesn’t take time at all. After a few back and forths, I was expecting that she will get upset with her cousin and will hang up on her. Instead she says “Ok, let’s not talk about it right now. May be we can talk about this another time” and continued talking. Has she just turned  5!!

❤ ❤