There will be some days when everything you shopped for from the online store turns out to be a size too big. There will be days when your hot chocolate wouldn’t be hot enough or chocolatey enough, with lumps sitting at the bottom of the cup. There will be days when you would want someone to give you a hug and say everything will be alright. There will be days when ambition will seem like a crime. There will be days when your pillar of strength will seem like it’s crumbling. There will be days when all flowers would seem droopy.  There will be days bleaker than bleakness itself.

So get up and shop some more, walk the streets with a spring in your step. Scoop out the chocolate lumps and give someone a free hug, beat the crap out of people who doubt your calibre, be the mortar of your pillar, be the sunshine in the bleak skies, be your own field full of flowers.