You are the Moon to me,

Because you are so far away

That I cannot touch you

That I cannot reach you

And yet I see you in my mind’s eye,

Every second of the day.


Because you have this silvery blue charm

That rips my heart out every time I set my eyes upon you

Inflicting such harm


Because you’re all so calm – like you’re floating in clouds

Because whether I see you or not – you are out there somewhere

Because you are mine, yet I can’t stake a claim

Because like the Moon, your love waxes and wanes

Because you cast all this glow like the shining Moon

Wrapping me up in your cool blue love

That tugs at my heart causing the ebb and flow

So lovely you are that I am not the only one swooning

I’m only a face in the crowd that loves you

Only a puddle and not the huge waters you pull


I see you everywhere

And I love however you appear

A crescent, a full moon, a sliver or whatever

And I wait for you when the nights are dark

When there is no one to hold my hand and watch my heart

You are the Moon and will always be so.