A: I found a picture of him in my stash. He is so dishy.

B: I wouldn’t expect you to fall for anything less.

A: I think looking at his picture should be inspiration enough for me to lose my flab. And then I think he didn’t have any babies. And then I shut myself up thinking you had two! I can have very interesting dialogues with myself.

B: But honestly, isn’t it free to be free of passion once in a while. You can just be.

A: Oh it IS! It is liberating.

B: I was thinking I should keep working in myself and the men who let me down will some day bump into me and regret what they did!

A: And I’m thinking I need to be fitter before my next travel, you see.

B: Such hopeless cases, we are.

A: We have the same shitty wired brains in our heads.

B: may be everyone thinks like that, we are just plain honest.

A: I’m not so honest with anyone but you. I don’t like being judged. I know you don’t judge me, so I’m just myself with you.

B: I know, some people make me cringe coz I cannot be myself. I want to have coffee and wander into the Twilight.

A: Go, have coffee. I cannot have coffee. It knots up my belly. I will have hot chocolate and melt into the moon.

P.S. Oh BTW, you should write, B. You have such a gift. Write for me. (And till you do, our conversations are a tribute to you. And I’ll add a painting when I can, B)