The path that she walks on – is so dark

She knows not if she  will make it

She knows not how often will she falter

She knows that she wants to turn around and run

Back into his arms

Back into what is safe

Back into what feels so right…just right


But she knows that the path has been chosen

She doesn’t want to walk on it

Coz it doesn’t lead to him

Her heart seems like a dead weight

Not coz he doesn’t love her

But coz he does

And she needs to go

Coz staying would kill him, as it would kill her

She wishes she was careless about others’ hearts

But she is not and nor is he

So he set her on a path that goes away from him

The path is dark and threatens to engulf her

So may her path be lit

With the light of his love that she carries within

With the warmth of his love that burns her insides

With the weight of the love that he carries with her

With the depth of the love that will drown them both

With the flame of the love that singes them both

With the pristine white love that will see them through