Her: Are you cold Mumma?

Me: Yes baby, my feet are always cold. But you know what’s the warmest part of me?

Her: What?

Me: You!

Her: I knew you’d say that Mumma. (Cuddles)



I got back home after travelling for 3 weeks. My parents had sent some toys that she’d asked them for. She was restless as I unpacked.

Me: Are you happy now? Playing with your new toys?

Her: Yes, I am. (a moment later) But you know what I’m the happiest about?

Me: What?

Her: You being back. You make me the happiest. (What a little 5 year old melodramatic liar! On a serious note, I’m glad she can say what she feels without being embarrassed. I know a part of it is because I tell her whatever I feel, unashamedly.)