1. A hug can cure almost anything Don’t stinge on hugs. It is an instant mood lifter. It is an instant connection. It will never fail to make your heart warm. Be the free hugs movement, personified. And it’s great that they hide the actual need – neither my mom nor my daughter ever ask me why, if I hug them. They would ask me why, if they saw me crying.

2. Life hurts but it’s ok Seen a child fall? Every day? Several times a day? But they go on. And so should we. And on days that you can’t – get a hug 🙂

3. Heart set on something? Be stubborn about it, go after it. Beg, plead, cry and make your best attempt. After all, it’s worth the effort.

4. Let go Begging, pleading and crying didn’t work? Let go. Find something or someone better. Don’t look back. There is more to life and more in life!

5. Forgive Ever screamed at your child? And what do they do? They would cry with you and still love you. They forgive. So they are happy. Forgive others and more importantly, forgive yourself.

6. Live in the moment A child doesn’t care about past, nor about what is to come. Life is right now. Live it.

Be a child. Live your life. Let go of the baggage. Forget the “experience”. Let go.