I am an environmental warrior, a solo one in my house. At times, it gets lonely. But what’s life without a few things that you are passionate about. I want to leave this planet worth living on for my daughter. Today’s post is about how to travel sustainably and how to leave a smaller print when you travel.

1. Carry your own toiletries The small shampoo, conditioner or moisturizer bottles add to a lot of solid waste. Carry your own bottles – whether you carry the big ones from home or you transfer them to small bottles in your travelling kit (these small bottles stay with you in every travel till they break, so lesser waste). Bonus – you stick to brands that you like.


2. Soaps I usually carry on own shower gel in a small travel bottle which also doubles as my handwash. If I do use a soap, I don’t open both (one at the basin and one in the bath) – I just use one. And if it is not near over by the time I leave the hotel, I carry it back and use it at the basin at home. Why dunk all that unused soap into water bodies or trash!

3. Dental Kit and Combs – Again, I just carry my own. Every toothbrush that we have used in our lifetimes is practically still sitting somewhere waiting to decompose. Besides, the quality of toothbrushes at hotels is bad. And you do need to brush during the flights or layovers.


4. Towels and Bedsheets Pay attention to little cards that talk about how we can support sustainability. We don’t change towels or bed linen at home everyday – give it at least two days at the hotel, too.


5. Earphones I do not take earphones during the flight. I have one of my own in my handbag. Using and discarding a new set of headphones on every flight is a lot of e-waste. Again, with your trusted headphones you get better sound quality and you know they will always fit on your head.


6. Paper Towels Usually one is enough to wipe your hands. I don’t go yank yank yank in the toilets only to throw barely wet paper down the trash. That’s a lot of trees and a lot of energy wasted. I also carry my own small face towels so that I don’t keep using paper towels.

7. Showers I like lingering in the shower. So I keep the flow set to low so that I make use of most of the water – indulge while reducing the wastage to a min. I have sworn off the tubs – it is tempting but a lot of water down the drain.

Lastly, I leave feedback for leaky faucets, using squeezy bottles for shampoo etc. instead of providing small bottles. I check them if they are replacing my towels even when not requested and so on.

I am sure there are a thousand other ways to be more responsible while travelling. Care to share a few?